The Pontiff of the Roman-Catholic Church, Pope Francis, within the frames of the apostolic visit to the Republic of North Macedonia, after the official welcoming and meeting with state representatives, visited the Memorial House of Mother Theresa where he met the religious leaders and citizens from vulnerable categories.

In his short address, the sister from the order of Mother Theresa bid His Holiness welcome, underlining that this visit is especially close to her heart because Skopje is the birth city of the great Saint Mother Theresa.

“We differ by nationality, language, race and religion with painful and tragic experiences, but we are all united in hope, single human hope, that looks for dignity and help, but most of all, divine hope that lives in all of us, children of God”, said the nun from the Sisters Missionaries of the God’s Love.

In the yard of the Memorial Center “Mother Theresa” Pope Francis met and blessed citizens who belong to socially vulnerable categories. One single mother told him her sad story and underlined that when she was in a difficult situation, together with her daughter she was accepted by the nuns, although she is Orthodox Christian and expressed her gratitude to the nuns and the Holy Father, by adding:

“The nuns never insisted on me changing my religion. They took care of us, they gave us a home, they provided understanding and everything we needed”. After leaving the yard of the Memorial House of Mother Theresa, His Holiness, Pope Francis, left with his Papa-Mobil for the square “Makedonija” where he officiated with the Holy Mass.