The Pontiff of the Roman-Catholic Church, Pope Francis, within the frames of the historic visit to our country, North Macedonia, after the Holy Mass which was led by him on the square “Makedonija”, had ecumenical and inter-religious meeting with young people from the country and the world in the Cathedral “Sacred Heart of Jesus”.

Pope Francis listened to testimonials of several young believers from Orthodox, Muslim and Catholic faith and afterwards, answered questions from the young people for their dreams, sending messages and counseling them to follow their hopes, to communicate and to take care of the elderly.

“Your testimonials and questions have concerns, dreams, search – all this as a rich land to make great things in your lives. It fills me with hope to see young people who do not care for labels and do not stand the divisions from the past and present, who go beyond that”, said the Holy Father in his address at the ecumenical and inter-religious meeting in the Cathedral “Sacred Heart of Jesus”.

His Holiness Pope Francis met priests, their families and monks and nuns from the Catholic Church in our country. “I would not like to abuse her name, but this country gave Mother Theresa to the world and to the church. Many were mellowed by her look, consoled by her grace, freed by her hope and fed by the courage of her faith capable to make even the most forgotten ones that they have not been forgotten by God. The history is written by those people who do not fear to spend their life for love”, said His Holiness, Pope Francis, at the meeting in the Catholic Church.

Апостолска посета на Папата Франциск на Република Северна Македонија [07.05.2019]