Bishop Kiro Stojanov on the Occasion of the Visit of Pope Francis

Dear believers and distinguished citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia,

In the capacity of bishop, believer and citizen of this country – the Republic of North Macedonia, I received the news of the visit of the Holy Father Pope Francis to our country with great joy and gratitude to our Lord. I strongly believe that the citizens of North Macedonia and most of all, the Catholics, received the news with great admiration. I believe that the Holy Father Pope Francis recognized the need for encouragement among the Church and the people in the Republic of North Macedonia.

As of the moment when Pope Francis took office, he expressed his closeness and understanding with the very fact that each year a state delegation has Papal Audience for the celebration of St. Cyril in Rome.

I am convinced that his arrival to the Capital of the country and the birth place of St. Mother Theresa, Skopje, bears distinct symbolic and I truly believe that the messages he will convey during his visit will be a motivation for the much needed spiritual and other renewal of our society.

Furthermore, I hope that this will help us to understand and to accept the fact that all of us, as people and believers, are responsible for building peace and joyful future among all believers, citizens and peoples in our loved Fatherland – North Macedonia.

Therefore, I appeal to all Catholic believers and people with good faith in the Republic of North Macedonia and the neighbourhood, to come for prayer and spiritual preparation for this valuable visit of the Holy Father Pope Francis, the Successor of the Prince of the Apostles and undisputed moral authority of today.