All interested citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia and foreign citizens, who want to attend the Holy Mass at Square “Macedonia” in Skopje need to register and pick-up a ticket. Tickets are free.

His Holiness, Pope Francis will visit Skopje, North Macedonia on 7th May. During his visit, the Pope will conduct a Holy Mass for all on the main Square “Macedonia” in Skopje. 

We call on all religious and all people of good-will to attend the Holy Mass. Application for tickets for foreign citizens is now over and is only available for macedonian nationals. Free tickets will be available until 3rd May. 

Below you will find the list of parishes and locations where interested people should apply and collect their tickets for the events.

  • Skopje: Cathedral “Sacred Heart of Jesus”Strumica: Cathedral “Dormition of the Mother of God”
  • “St. John the Baptist” Region of Strumica: Radovo, Sekirnik, Nova Maala,
  • Petralinci,
  • Saraj,
  • Chanaklija
  • Gevgelija
  • Bogdanci
  • Kumanovo
  • Shtip
  • Bitola
  • Ohrid

Rules of conduct during the Holy Mass:

– when the Holy Father will pass among the present guests, it is not allowed to throw any objects, even flowers;

– applauding is forbidden during the mass.

Please study the ticket you have and respect the zone noted on your ticket. Find the correct entrance and arrive no later than 9am at the square.


1. We hereby advise that it would be good if the buses and personal vehicles are marked with a poster or other sign of identification (we recommend to use the official logo for the visit). On the city entrances police officers will direct you to the square where you will be welcomed by volunteers who, if needed, will also direct you to the square where the Holy Mass of His Holiness will take place. Beside the parking lots, you will be able to park your personal vehicles on spots at which you will be directed by police officers.

2. The participants should arrive in Skopje no later than 6 o’clock. It is imperative to arrive at this time, due to the security checks which will be conducted on the roads, and as of 7 o’clock the streets in the central city area will be closed for traffic.

3. The entrances for the holy mass will be opened as of 6 o’clock and by 9 o’clock all participants should be at the square.

4. On square “Macedonia” where the mass will take place, only registered participants with tickets that were previously collected at the registration point or from the group leader will be able to enter.

5. In front of the entrance police and security check will be performed. Upon entrance, and during the holy mass, all present people must comply with the following rules.


  • To carry explosive devices, pyrotechnic devices (lighters, firecrackers, torches, Bengal lights, etc.), inflammable mixtures and fluids, sprays and compressed air bottles, fire and cold weapons (knives, all types of metal objects, rods, bats, chains, scissors, razor blades, manicure sets, metal utensils, etc.)
  • Objects for inflicting injuries and self-injuries;
  • Foods and drinks in metal and glass packages;
  • All types of alcoholic beverages and umbrellas;   
  • Banners and big flags.

All participants must carry:

  • tickets and ID documents (priests, consecrated people and believers): ID card (for participants from North Macedonia) or passport (for participants who are not from North Macedonia);
  • health insurance card and history of diseases for people with chronic diseases, as well as the most indispensable medicines;
  • water, refreshing beverages in transparent plastic packages, and if they carry food, it should be packed in card or paper packages;
  • we recommend carrying raincoats for protection of possible rainfall.


  • the present participants should not carry a lot of money or objects with larger value due to possible robberies or loss;
  • check the weather and wear clothes in accordance to the weather and dress code for the mass;
  • comply with the directions provided by the program leaders, volunteers and police officers;
  • if someone needs any medical assistance, they should contact the closest volunteer (all volunteers will have visible and recognizable signs).

We kindly ask you to take care of the hygiene in all the locations in which you will be moving!