Rules for cars and pedestrians during the visit of Pope Francis on 7th May 2019

During the Apostolic Visit of Pope Francis, there will be special rules for movement of cars and pedestrians on the territory of the city of Skopje.

We inform that 7th May will be a working day. All state and private capacities will be secured with the necessary conditions for regular operations.

The special rules will apply:

06:00ч – 19:00ч

We appeal to the citizens:

  1. Use the free public transportation;
  2. Travel with a free train line to Skopje;
  3. Comply with traffic signals;

Access for motor vehicles, bikes, motorbikes etc., is forbidden in the secured area.


Free public city transportation

On 7th May the bus transportation in Skopje will be free for all citizens and visitors. We appeal to use the public transportation.


Free railway transportation

On 7 May the inter-city transportation by train will be free of charge. We appeal to the citizens who will be coming to Skopje to look into the timetable and to travel by train.


Free parking in Skopje

On 6th May after 17 hours and throughout the whole day on 7th May the parking spots and premises in Skopje will be free of charge. We appeal to park your vehicles beyond the center of the city in order to enable free movement of traffic.

During the Apostolic Visit of Pope Francis to the Republic of North Macedonia the movement in the central city area for all citizens will not be obstructed, but it will be slowed down because this area will be strictly secured zone.

All citizens who will access this zone in the period between 6:00 AM until 7 PM on 07.05.2019 will need to identify themselves with a valid ID document and to go through security checks.
Therefore, we appeal to all citizens who work in this zone to leave their homes 30 minutes earlier than usual in order to reach their work on time.

There will be 9 entrances in the zone where officers from the Ministry of the Interior will conduct the security checks for all citizens, as well as checks for their IDs and passports. These are the singled entry points where citizens will be able to pass when going to the Square “Makedonija”:

Entrance 1: Administrative Court on Orce Nikolov Str.
Entrance 2: Hotel Marriot on Maksim Gorki Str.
Entrance 3: Coffee Shop Trend on Nikola Vapcarov Str.
Entrance 4: Ministry of Justice on Dimitrie Chupovski Str.
Entrance 5: Ministry of Finance on Dame Gruev Str.
Entrance 6: State Statistical Office on Dame Gruev Str.
Entrance 7: Pelagonija on Dimitrie Chupovski Str.
Entrance 8: Gate Makedonija on 11 Oktomvri Str.
Entrance 9: exit from City Trade Center towards the Square

The pedestrian bridges on the Vardar River (Stone Bridge, Bride “Eye” and Bridge of Art) will be completely shut down for movement, as well as the mole 13 Noemvri on both river banks.

Special traffic rules for movement of cars in the center of Skopje

On 7th May in the central city area in Skopje i.e. the band “Golem ring” in the period 06:00 hours to 19:00 hours there will be a limited traffic and the movement will be diverted on the streets around the center of Skopje in order to provide smooth traffic movement.

During this period there will be a “Restricted Area” of movement and the following streets will be completely shut down for traffic:  11 Oktomvri from the crossroad with Kocho Racin Blvd. to the crossroad with Dimitrie Chupovski Str; Dame Gruev Str., Makedonija Str., Vasil Glavinov Str., Filip II Makedonski Str., Sv. Kliment Ohridski Str., and Iljo Vojvoda Str.

The traffic will be shut down on Majka Tereza Blvd. (formerly known as Vodnjanska) in the period 08:15 – 10:00 hours and we appeal to everyone who uses this street to pass through it no later than 08:00 hours.

The traffic will not be shut down after 08:15, but the minor streets will be used as directed by police officers.

The Ministry of the Interior reserves its right to stop the traffic in short time intervals on other streets at the time when Pope Francis will move through Skopje.

The streets where movement of vehicles will be allowed are as it follows: Kocho Racin Blvd., 11 Oktomvri from the crossroad with Kocho Racin Blvd. to the crossroad with Boris Trajkovski, Sv. Kiril i Metodij Str., Sv. Kliment Ohridski Blvd., Partizanski odredi Blvd., Ilinden Blvd., Samoilova Str., Goce Delchev Str.

Special traffic rules for movement of vehicles from Airport Skopje to the city of Skopje

In the time intervals 07:30 to 09:00, as well as from 17:00 to 18:30 the traffic on the Aleksandar Makedonski Blvd. from Avtokomanda to the Airport Skopje will be shut down in both directions and will be diverted on minor streets.

In the direction Veles-Skopje during this time interval, the traffic for entry to and exit from Skopje will be conducted through the trace Miladinovci-Idrizovo-Madzari.

In the direction Kumanovo-Skopje near village Miladinovci the traffic will be diverted to the ring road of Skopje where the first allowed entrance to the city of Skopje will be the point near Radishani.

On the highway A1 the section Kumanovo-Veles will have a short stoppage of traffic in both time intervals.

We appeal to all citizens who plan to use these three directions to start their journey 1 hour earlier than planned because the movement on the minor streets and roads may last longer than planned. The same applies for citizens who have scheduled flights on the Airport Skopje on 07.05.2019.

Information for residents and people who work in the secured zone

If the citizens who live in the restricted zone (so-called Golem Ring) want to use their vehicles on 7th May we appeal to park them beyond the zone on 6th May. Otherwise, they will not be able to take their vehicles out of the zone during the special traffic regime in the period 06:00 – 19:00 on 7th May. We remind you that the city parking places will be free of charge on 6th May as of 17:00 hours.

All citizens will have free access to their homes i.e. jobs by passing through one of the marked entrances. It is important to carry an ID document. The zone will be free for access to all locations except in the closed zone on the Square which will require special ticket for participation in the Holy Liturgy.